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     Journal Papers, Abstracts, and Commentaries

Stigma and Spiritual Well-being among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Appalachia.
Hutson SP, Darlington CK, Hall JM,  et al
.Issues Ment Health Nurs. 2018 Feb 15:1-

"The Journey I Have Been Through": The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Aging Well Among HIV-Positive Older Adults.
Emlet CA, Harris L, Pierpaoli CM, Furlotte C.
Res Aging. 2018 Mar;40(3):257-280


HIV Testing, Stigma, and Risk: A Comparison of Church Leaders and Their Congregants.
Stewart JM, Hong H, Melton M.
AIDS Educ Prev
. 2017 Dec;29(6):503-515

Examination of the Role of Religious and Psychosocial Factors in HIV Medication Adherence Rates.
Dalmida SG, McCoy K, Koenig HG, et al
J Relig Health
. 2017 Mar11.

Predictors of HIV/AIDS Programming in African American Churches: Implications for HIV Prevention, Testing, and Care.
Stewart JM, Hanlon A, Brawner BM
Health Educ Behav. 2016 Aug 17

Involving immigrant religious organizations in HIV/AIDS prevention: The role of bonding and bridging social capital.
LIneung MR, Chin JJ, Petrescu-Prahova M.
Soc Sci Med
. 2016 Jun 24;162:201-209.

Social Determinants of HIV-Related Stigma in Faith-Based Organizations.
Coleman JD, Tate AD, Gaddist B, White J.
Am J Public Health
. 2016 Jan 21:e1-e5.

Chinese Immigrant Religious Institutions' Variability in Views on Preventing Sexual Transmission of HIV.
Chin JJ, Neilands TB.
Am J Public Health. 2015 Nov 12:e1-e9

Factors Influencing Black Churches' Readiness to Address HIV.
Pichon LC, Powell TW, Ogg SA,  et al
J Relig Health. 2015 Sep 7.

Stigma as a Barrier to HIV-Related Activities Among African-American Churches in South Carolina.
Pryor JB, Gaddist B, Johnson-Arnold L||
J Prev Interv Community
. 2015 Jul-Sep;43(3):223-234

Successful coping in urban, community-dwelling older adults with HIV.
DeGrezia MG, Scrandis D.
J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care
. 2015 Mar-Apr;26(2):151-63

A Multi-Level Approach for Promoting HIV Testing Within African American Church Settings.
Stewart JM.
AIDS Patient Care STDS. 2015 Feb;29(2):69-76

Determinants of clergy behaviors promoting safety of battered Korean immigrant women.
Choi YJ
Violence Against Women. 2015 Mar;21(3):394-415.

Faith community nursing scope of practice: extending access to healthcare.
Balint KA, George NM.
J Christ Nurs. 2015 Jan-Mar;32(1):34-40.

An exploration of religion and spirituality among young, HIV-infected gay and bisexual men in the USA.
Jeffries WL 4th, Okeke JO, Gelaude DJ, et al
Cult Health Sex. 2014 Jul 3:1-14.

The Impact of Religious Coping on the Acculturative Stress and Alcohol Use of Recent Latino Immigrants.
Sanchez M, Dillon FR, Concha M,  et al
J Relig Health
. 2014 May 25.

Assessing baseline religious practices and beliefs to predict adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected persons.
Vyas KJ, Limneos J, Qin H, Mathews WC.
. 2014 Feb 6.

Positive and negative religious coping, depressive symptoms, and quality of life in people with HIV.
Lee M, Nezu AM, Nezu CM.
J Behav Med
. 2014 Jan 28.


An Intervention to Reduce HIV-Related Stigma in Partnership With African American and Latino Churches.
Derose KP, Bogart LM, Kanouse DE,  et al
AIDS Educ Prev. 2014 Feb;26(1):28-42

Sexual communication needs of African American families in relation to faith-based HIV prevention.
Cornelius JB, White AC.
J Cult Divers. 2013 Fall;20(3):146-52.

A Faith-Based Community Partnership to Address HIV/AIDS in the Southern United States: Implementation, Challenges, and Lessons Learned.
Abara W, Coleman JD, Fairchild A,  et al
J Relig Health
. 2013 Oct 31.

Facilitators and Barriers to HIV Activities in Religious Congregations: Perspectives of Clergy and Lay Leaders from a Diverse Urban Sample.
Mendel P, Derose KP, Werber L,  et al;
J Relig Health
2013 Aug 29

An Exploration of Faith Leaders' Beliefs Concerning HIV Prevention: Thirty Years Into the Epidemic.
Pichon LC, Williams TT, Campbell B.
Fam Community Health
. 2013 July/September;36(3):260-268.

Role flexing: how community, religion, and family shape the experiences of young black men who have sex with men.
Balaji AB, Oster AM, Viall AH,  et al
AIDS Patient Care STDS. 2012 Dec;26(12):730-

Spiritual Well-Being Among HIV-Infected Adolescents and Their Families.
Lyon ME, Garvie P, He J, et al
J Relig Health
. 2012 Oct 27.

How Well Does Spirituality Predict Health Status in Adults Living with HIV-Disease: A Neuman Systems Model Study.
Cobb RK.
Cobb RK.
Nurs Sci Q. 2012 Oct;25(4):347-55

Keeping the Faith: African American Faith Leaders' Perspectives and Recommendations for
Reducing Racial Disparities in HIV/AIDS Infection.
Nunn A, Cornwall A, Chute N, et al
PLoS One.2012;7(5):e36172

The Meaning and Use of Spirituality Among African American Women Living With HIV/AIDS.
Dalmida SG, Holstad MM, Diiorio C, Laderman G.
West J Nurs Res
. 2012 May 6.

Religiosity among adults who are chronically homeless: association with clinical and psychosocial outcomes.
Tsai J, Rosenheck RA.
Psychiatr Serv
. 2011 Oct;62(10):1222-4.

Religion, spirituality, and older adults with HIV: critical personal and social resources for an aging epidemic.
Vance DE, Brennan M, Enah C,  et al
Clin Interv Aging
. 2011;6:101-9.

Spiritual Well-Being and Health-Related Quality of Life Among African-American Women with HIV/AIDS.
Dalmida SG, Holstad MM, Diiorio C, Laderman G.
Appl Res Qual Life. 2011 Jun;6(2):139-157

Role of Spirituality in HIV-Infected Mothers.
Walulu RN.
Issues Ment Health Nurs. 2011;32(6):382-4.

Pilot study to assess HIV knowledge, spirituality, and risk behaviors among older
African Americans.
Wutoh AK, English GN, Daniel M,
J Natl Med Assoc. 2011 Mar;103(3):265-8.

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Faith, and Spirituality among Black/African American and Latino Communities
in the United States: Strengthening Scientific Faith-Based Efforts to Shift the Course of the Epidemic
and Reduce HIV-Related Health Disparities.
Sutton MY, Parks CP.
J Relig Health
. 2011 May 28

Design of a Faith-Based HIV Intervention: Successful Collaboration Between a University and a Church.
Wingood GM, Simpson-Robinson L, Braxton ND, Raiford JL.
Health Promot Pract
. 2011 Apr 21.

The priest obviously doesn't know that I'm gay": the religious and spiritual journeys of Latino gay men.
García DI, Gray-Stanley J, Ramirez-Valles J.
J Homosex. 2008;55(3):411-

Examining the Relationship Between Religiosity and Self-Control as Predictors of Prison Deviance.
Kerley KR, Copes H, Tewksbury R, Dabney DA.
Int J Offender Ther Comp Criminol
. 2010 Nov 29

Spirituality and Religiosity in Patients with HIV: A Test and Expansion of a Model.
Kudel I, Cotton S, Szaflarski M,  et al
Ann Behav Med
. 2010 Nov 20

Religious Congregations' Involvement in HIV: A Case Study Approach.
Derose KP, Mendel PJ, Palar K, et al
AIDS Behav. 2010 Oct 17

Communicating HIV/AIDS Through African American Churches in North Carolina:
Implications and Recommendations for HIV/AIDS Faith-Based Programs.
Moore D, Onsomu EO, Timmons SM,  et al
J Relig Health
. 2010 Sep 22.

Religion, Relationships and Reproduction: Correlates of Desire for a Child Among Mothers
Living with HIV.
De La Cruz NG, Davies SL, Stewart KE.
AIDS Behav
. 2010 Aug 17

The link between religion and HAART adherence in pediatric HIV patients.
Park J, Nachman S.
. 2010 Apr 15:1-6.

Religious Involvement and Seroprevalence of Six Infectious Diseases in US Adults.
Gillum RF, Holt CL.

South Med J
. 2010 Apr 6.

Learning about Urban Congregations and HIV/AIDS: Community-Based Foundations for
Developing Congregational Health Interventions.
Derose KP, Mendel PJ, Kanouse DE, et al  
J Urban Health
. 2010 Apr 2


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