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Last Update:  September 07, 2016  


The mission of the IDU Health Advisory Committee on  is to (1) provide oversight on the organization and content 
of the Medical Advocates' IDU Healthcare Web site; (2) develop policy statements on the ethical and human rights
principles upon which IDU harm reduction/healthcare programs should be based; and  (3) identify IDU harm reduction/
healthcare challenges and develop advocacy  programs to effectively address such challenges.

If you are interested in participating in this committee, contact          

Susan Clarke  MB, MCh, BAO
Boston , MA USA

Phillip O. Coffin, MIA
New York, NY  USA
Cheryl Hasenbeck, RN
Los Angeles CA, USA
Lisa Maher, PhD
Sydney, Australia
Megan Marx
Denver, CO  USA
Petr Nosek
Prague, Czec
h Republic
Deborah Shelton, PhD, RN, CNA
Washington, DC  USA
Lillian Thiemann
New York, NY

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IDU Healthcare Advisory Committee