St. Basil January 01  
St. Macarius of Alexandria.
January 02 Sugarplums!opendocument&keytype=number&startkey=1


Twelfth Night January 05  
St. Emilion January 07  
Saint Anthony the Abbot's Feastday January 17  
St. Agnes' Feastday January 21  
St. timothy January 26 coffee cake
Election of Pope Clement VII January 30,  
St, Brigid's Feastday February 01  
Candlemas Day February 02  
St. Blaise's Feastday February 03  
St. Agatha's Feastday February 05  
St, Valentine's Day February 14  
Anniversary of the Crowning of  Simon de Brion as Pope Martin IV February23

St. David's Feastday March 01  
St. Kunegunda's Feastday March 03  
St. Casimir's Feastday March 04 muginukas
St. Patrick's Feastday March 17  
St. Joseph's Feastday March 19  
Feast of the Annunciation March 25 waffle day
Anniversary of  Pope Martin IV's Death March 28 pickled eels
Saint Hugh of Grenoble April 01  
Anniversary of the Death of Elizabeth Barton April 10  
St. Encratus April 16  
St. George's Feastday April 23  
St. Mark's Feastday April 25  
St. Zita's Day April 27 - St/ Zita's Breqd
Saint Winwaloe April 27 - Crepes Saint-Gwenole
Saint Walburga's Eve April 30 Beltane Cakes
Anniversary of St. Pope Pius V's Death May 01 BAKED QUINCES
St. Isidro's Feastday May 15  
St. Honore's Feastday May 16  
Pope John Paul II's Birthday May 18 Papal Cream Cake
Clément Rodier's Birthday    
    Clementine recipie
Anniversary of the Election of Pope Benedict XIII May 28   
St. Joan of Arc's Feastday May 30  
Anniversary of the Death of Pope John XXIII June 03  
St. Columba June 03 oat bannock


St. Anthony of Padua's Feastday June 13  
St. Germaine's Feastday June 15  
St. John the Baptist's Feastday June 24  
St. Peter's Feastday June 29  
St. Thomas July 03 Kletzenbrot
St. Benedict's Birthday July 11  
Cardinal Mazarin's Birthday July 14  
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
July 14 Torrone (Nougat)

St. Mary Magdalene's Feastday July 22 Madelienes
St. James Feastday July 25  
St. Ann's Feastday July 26 St. Anna's Beans
St. Dominic's Feastday August 08  
St  Lawrence August 10  
St. Clare of Assisi's Feastday August 11  
Anniversary of the First Moravian Love Feast August 13  
Feast of the Assumption/Marymass Day August 15  
St. Rocco's Feastday August 16  
St. Helen's Feastday August 18  
St. Philbert's Day August 22  
St. Philip Benizi August 23 St. Philips Bread
St. Bartholomew Day August 24 watermelon
St Phanourios' Feast Day August 27 St Phanourios' Bread
Cardinal Richelieu's Birthday September 09  
Feast of the Holy Name of Mary September 12  
Feast of the Holy Cross September 16 Basil
St. Hildegard of Bingen's Feastday September 17     
St. Januarius' Feastday September 19     
John Chapman's Birthday September 26  
Anniversary of the Founding of the Jesuits September 27  
St. Michael the Archangel's Feastday September 29  
St. Remi's Feastday October 01  
St. Francis of Assisi's Feastday October 04 moastaccioli (A Continual Feast)
St. Denis' Feastday October 09  
St. Menehould' Feastday October 14  
St Theresa of Avila's Feastday October 15  
St. Gallus October 16!opendocument&keytype=number&startkey=10
St. Raphael the Archangel's Feastday October 24  
St Thomas Bellacci October 31,patronsaintofbutchers!opendocument&keytype=number&startkey=10
All Saints Day November 01  
All Souls Day November 02  
St. Hubert's Feastday November 03  
St Charless Borromeo November 04 Eggs St. Charles
St Martin's (of Tours) Day November 11  
St. Livinus November 12  tongue (Reubans)
St. Hedwig's Feastday November 15  
St. Elizabeth of Hungary's Feastday November 19  
St. Cecilia's Feastday November 22  
St. Clement's Feastday November 23  
St. Catherine of Alexandria's Feastday November 25  
St. Andrew's Day November 30  
St. Barbara's Feastday December 04 Schweinelendchen Barbara (Pork Tenderloin St. Barbara)
St. Sabas December 06 Saint Sabas' Raspberries with Cream


St. Nicholas' Feastday December 06  
St. Ambrose's Feastday December 07  
Our Lady of Guadalupe December 13  rose mouse
St. Lucy's Feastday December 13  
Adam and Eve's Feastday December 24  
Jesus Christ's Birthday December 25  
St. Stephen's Feastday December 26  
St. John's Feastday December 27  
Feast of the Holy Innocents December 28  
Fastelaven. Monday before Ash Wednesday in Denmark   Fastenlavensboller
Shrove Tuesday   Coquille Buns
Ash Wednesday    
Palm Sunday    
Holy Thursday    
Good Friday    
Holy Saturday    
Easter Sunday    
Easter Monday    
Easter Tuesday    
Pentecost   Dove
Purim   Hamantaschen
St. Charles St. Charles Borromeo